Finally I feel ready to release my new website in public.
It is my own platform , and both a beginning and a summary of what I am doing right now and what I have done .
A lot of blood sweat and tears , laughter and wonderful experiences include it. My own creative chaos that is not afraid to show both the good and the ugly. That’s why I choose to launch the website with this portrait , so typically me to get the shade of I phone in my face , but also so charming. I see life and art as non- ideal . The cracks in the facade , the clumsy fall on the street, say the wrong thing on the job meeting that makes people raise their eyebrows, this is life.

It’s big and scary to try to define me and my work on a website. But I’m jumping and holding my breath!
That said , it need not be perfect , but this is a start of something .

This website symbolizes for me a beginning of the artistic work I started and want to deepening within myself. An inner and outer plunge .
One day I hope to make it a book, an exhibition …. but it may take some time.

Now, I want to thank the amazing people who made it possible for me to get such a nice page . And who supports me with warmth, hurrahs and lots of love :

Design : Elisabeth Diez Rodriguez

Programming: Txomin Medrano

Artistic support : Cha Blasco

Text Processing: Katrin Niklasson and Jenny Emanuelsson


And welcome to my site, hope you will find something you like . And hire me please !

See you ,

Love Annacarin