Norm Criticism is always an important part of my work. So when I was asked to shoot for Kultur i Väst and their equality projects Conductor I was very happy.

We worked on getting the conductors to look serious and professional. The images will be used to market themselves in their professional capacity, not sell makeup that so often women portrayed in the media.

We feel that we managed to produce professional-looking young conductors on the path towards a promising career. Hope you feel the same.

About the project and why:

“Why a course for girls?
Women are severely underrepresented in the conductor corps, both in Sweden and in the world. Young women have few role models on the podium, and may have trouble identifying with a future career as a conductor. Culture in the West director course is a bet on young girls who just is about to choose a career. Here the education of routing, placement of orchestras and contact with mentors from the association COUP. The goal is to conductor profession, in the long term, should be an obvious choice for anyone who has the desire, characteristics and driving forces – regardless of gender. “

Love AnnaCarin