” Talk Sex” Ottar

At last, my first article sold to a magazine is published .

Homeless talking sex!

Text by my brilliant colleague  Maria Bard and photos by me.

We really struggled to make the people in the story and the topic justice. It has been both difficult and incredibly rewarding .

Maria and I have worked together as a journalist duo for about six months . It works incredibly well and we have the same interests which is the social reportage , culture and nature issues . Selling article ideas is not the easiest thing one can do these days , but the last few months we have been very lucky and gotten to do things that we really believe in . For example this story .  

Have a nice day AC

(You can read more about the project HERE)

Portrait of the city’s most beautiful designduo Äppel Päppel whom I also share studio with .

Check out their playful design here.