November this challenging month.

I Light candles and go to aerobics, yet my soul is gasping for light. The eyes are tired and I use ISO 1600 when I shoot images,  even though it is daytime.

I yearn to return to Mallorca where my love and I spent our honeymoon. Idyllic and obvious, but there was something else that was born inside me between the cactus stems and new terrain. A longing for another way to live.

Obviously, I fell in love with the light that shifted in all the rainbow colors during the day. The eyes and brain opened and the creativity were born of all the vibrant colors. But also something else was born.

We stayed on an organic farm in a small village called Algaida. We found the accommodation through Air BnB and instead called Can Rapinya. And it was simply magical.

The small village of Algaida awakened a longing in me. It is a simple small village without tourists. Stone house without any fluff  surrounded by arid landscape some mountains and the sun’s light. But I felt a kind of community over age limits, and a landscape that made possible a life outdoors.

Getting to stay in the Spanish countryside with a family who opened their arms and their home to us was something new. It opened my heart. Now I dream about moving to Mallorca. Yes, for real. Not one of those dreams that one does not do anything about, but a wild dream that I have to make a reality.

So if you know what a visionary photojournalist and educator could do and bring to Mallorca, please write to me. I need advice. Earlier in my life I have not thought that such challenges are possible, but now is the time.

Therefore, I want to share with you a little sun-drenched image serie from Can Rapinya and the warm inspiring landlord Astrid.

Have a beautiful Saturday, and do not forget to hug and look each other in the eyes. It could melt icebergs.

Love AnnaCarin