“Yoga is simple, everything else is complicated.”

– Manju Pattabhi Jois

This I agree with, a slogan that Cecilia has on her website.

How often do we pause and just breathe, enjoy to be here. To be body, spirit, and to be human.

Cecilia Runesson on Santih Desa really have the ability to help you get into your body and find your home and inner peace, both in her yoga and as a massage therapist.

I photographed her beautiful Shala.

Go there, it is a treat!


” Talk Sex” Ottar

At last, my first article sold to a magazine is published .

Homeless talking sex!

Text by my brilliant colleague  Maria Bard and photos by me.

We really struggled to make the people in the story and the topic justice. It has been both difficult and incredibly rewarding .

Maria and I have worked together as a journalist duo for about six months . It works incredibly well and we have the same interests which is the social reportage , culture and nature issues . Selling article ideas is not the easiest thing one can do these days , but the last few months we have been very lucky and gotten to do things that we really believe in . For example this story .  

Have a nice day AC

(You can read more about the project HERE)

Portrait of the city’s most beautiful designduo Äppel Päppel whom I also share studio with .

Check out their playful design here.

Happy Friday,

A few months ago I had the honor to photograph the journalist Therese Hallman before the release of her new podcast The Podcast archives.
We had carefully planned the whole thing with mood boards and various words that would symbolize what Teres wanted the images to convey.

The place we chose for the shoot was of course the Natural History Museum in Gothenburg. Here are some pictures of a fun shooting from the archived animals.

Teres says:

“I am delighted with the marketing images that AnnaCarin created and I have received lots of positive reactions from others on them.

The photographs convey the feeling I was looking for and it feels almost magical how it could be so. The photo session was fun, and it was easy to relax in front of AnnaCarin´s camera thanks to her cheerful encouragement.

For all who want a creative collaboration with a photographer, I can really recommend Anna Carin. In the process, we used a Pinterest board where we both put up inspirational pictures to find the right kind of expression in the photo for my purposes. We also talked and went through what we each needed to prepare for the shooting. I will definitely hire Annacarin next time I need pictures to my company! “

When I get to be a part of a project that helps to make the world a better place,  I know that I am in the right place.

Therefore, I am proud that Kultur i Västs project “Conductor” wins the Västra Götaland Region’s equality prize 2015th

I have taken portraits of the participating aspiring conductors. A day full of great meetings and huge creativity.

This weekend I am going along with Madeleine Åhlund who is selling wonderfully playful pottery to be on the Röda Sten´s Christmas market in Gothenburg.

Friday 17-20

Saturday & Sunday 12-17

I will sell my prints available in the shop at really great Christmas rates.
So take the opportunity to create some Christmas spirit and buy some genuine gifts at the same time.

Love AnnaCarin

Show you and your companies full potential with creative, playful and professional images!

Dare to stand out and invest in a unique expression that lets you and your company shine brightest.

Together, we developed a concept that suits you and your profile. We use inspiring footage and make a mood board with color, shape and other portraits that inspires you.

The photograph is then taken either on selected location to match our ideas or in the studio with props and accessories, or maybe in it’s simplicity.

Make-up and styling can be arranged.

Invest in yourself, now with 25% discount!

1995 SEK excluding VAT




“I have always felt uncomfortable in front of a camera. My children have almost no photographic evidence of my existence during their childhood .. To then get to be in front of Anna Carin’s lens was a delight, there was a hefty Egoboost! With small gestures and with a serenity and the security that she conveys it became a casual and fine moment. When the pictures came, I saw myself, not a picture of me, but the way I see myself. “
Anette Carlsson Moberg
Anna Carin is the kind of person that makes you happy to be around and it puts an imprint on the shooting that felt very relaxed . We also had a good process to get the right feeling of the picture I was looking for . The result was very successful – the picture is perfect for my purposes. “
Tobias Jansson


Norm Criticism is always an important part of my work. So when I was asked to shoot for Kultur i Väst and their equality projects Conductor I was very happy.

We worked on getting the conductors to look serious and professional. The images will be used to market themselves in their professional capacity, not sell makeup that so often women portrayed in the media.

We feel that we managed to produce professional-looking young conductors on the path towards a promising career. Hope you feel the same.

About the project and why:

“Why a course for girls?
Women are severely underrepresented in the conductor corps, both in Sweden and in the world. Young women have few role models on the podium, and may have trouble identifying with a future career as a conductor. Culture in the West director course is a bet on young girls who just is about to choose a career. Here the education of routing, placement of orchestras and contact with mentors from the association COUP. The goal is to conductor profession, in the long term, should be an obvious choice for anyone who has the desire, characteristics and driving forces – regardless of gender. “

Love AnnaCarin

Irina 2015