Me, AnnaCarin Isaksson born 1979 in Skara is active photographer in Västra Götaland with the base in Gothenburg. But I will travel to any destination for your story.

I trained as a photojournalist at Nordens fotoskola Biskop-Arnö because I wanted to work for a major news magazine.

Whirl  ​​around with my big camera in a jeep and meet the community. Listen to their stories, great and small, and portraying them in a light of wondrous adventure. This is what I get to do when I work for the provincial press.

Unglamorous and dirty!  An acquaintance with both the ordinary, and the extraordinary, these are perhaps my favorite moments as a photographer, giving me access to the rural backwaters and the enchanting life stories told by its inhabitants.

This is where I am today:

A passionate freelance photographer who welcomes both large and small projects with enthusiasm and curiosity. My strength as a photographer is my flair for creating striking portraits with a presence and character, as well as being an expressive and illustrative editorial photographer. I have a standard critical approach.

My main clients are within the arts and newspapers and magazines, but also individuals wanting unique portraits with personality, perhaps who are looking for something that sticks out, something quirky and unusual. (I’m good at capturing what is unique within you).

I am passionate about nature, culture and sexual politics and I love taking on the challenge of photographing someone’s special day like a wedding. Since I am a romantic and good at capturing the beauty of people, weddings are my perfect match.It should be like a beautiful photo shoot for a magazine with a hint of jazzy sophistication and having the character traits of an Emir Kusturica film. A mix of sugar and spice, capturing the genuine and true felt between the two of you.

I also sell limited edition prints to spice up your walls with. You can buy them from my webshop or find me at som designer markets.

What inspires me is art, obscurities, the in-betweens, music, theater, talks, my man, a glass of red wine on the veranda on a hot summer night, pajama-dancing to Billie Holiday, nature, love and people who’s  not afraid of walking their own way in life.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me; no job is too small or too big!

Sincerely, AnnaCarin


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