Jazzmusician Ylva Myrman

Yesterday I took artist pictures of jazzmusician Ylva Myrman- www.ylvamyrman.com. The weather was truly hot, probably the hottest day in Sweden for the year. But we managed to get into this beautiful backyard with a Berlin feeling and lots of shadow to take some pictures for Ylvas upcoming shows in the autumn. Go in and listen to her music it is perfect for cool summer nights with a glass of wine on the porch. Take care in the heat! Lots of Love AnnaCarin

rivercities 2014

Soon, I pull finally to England and London to regain the honor of working with the project rivercities and www.sirenscrossing.com. It really is an important and exciting project with so many dimensions. It’s all about or the essence is how water links us people together and unite us with the earth in an endless biological cycle. I’m very happy to return to England that means a lot to me. I lived there for three years, and the country really has a special place in my heart. The first weekend I will spend with my friends in Brighton and get inspired  on the gay pride festival and photograph many pictures of my friends and surroundings. If you happen to come by say hello. Lots of Love AnnaCarin