Reportage for the independent newspaper Göteborgs fria Tidning.

Hagabion celebrating 40 years of age with a great poster exhibition at the City museum of Gothenburg.

Konstrundan Olofstorp

Preparing images for the 5-6  of October when me an Cha will open our home to people to watch our art. Konstrundan i Olofstorp! It will be a pretty DIY project from our side, with an basement exhibition with a sound installation. We hope to meet many local and not local people and end up in cool conversations, drinking wine and maybe finish off with an livingroom live show with Chas magic music. I re-edited this picture for the basement show just now and really fall back in love with it.   The rough BW and the fake grainy textures. Me and the naked bodies…just love them!   Have a great day beautiful people. Love Anna XXx

Hey folks, hope you are good out there. I am going to show a bit what has happened in the last month. Quite a lot, and still there is more to come. I have had a really quiet year in my photography career because I decided to. I decided to focus on my 75 % job as an art-pedagogue and in the same time trying to figure out how I can become an art photographer, for the pure pleasure and challenge of that. But now since I came back from London the jobs are suddenly coming in. And I am ever so grateful even though my body is telling me Hello girl what happens out there! You have to be a multiartist if you as me LOVE many things, sides, perspectives and human beings. So here I show some pictures from a hen night/day where the brides friends wanted to do a calendar with the brides different alter egos. One pic is from Gothenburg’s greatest news paper I have been working with them on and off for like 7 years and I love there engagement and in depth analysis of the society. This pic is supposed to show how many different choices it was to adapt to before the swedish election last week. What a nightmare it was, war a thriller. As the rest of Europe the nationalist party got to become the third biggest party of the country. So now I feel I really have to start engaging myself in politics. The picture of the tote bags is another story. I am going to be in this local community art fair here in my neighborhood and thought I really want to do something crafty. So then these tote bags came to life. And I love them, I love making them and I already sold 3 which for me is so much fun and a step forward for doing my own work and not only illustrating other peoples thoughts. So If you want to by one they are organic and fairtrade and costs € 6 plus shipping costs. Now I have to go and prepare myself for a day as an art pedagogue and another exciting photo job that is a bout my favorite subject the forest as an recreational habitat for the humans. Have a lovely day and so much thank you for following me. Warmth and Love Anna xxx