Now and the future

Hey folks, hope you are good out there. How are you and who are you? I see in my inbox that I have followers but I have no idea who you are. Thank you for following me and showing interest in my work. I am ever so grateful. Next year I am going to put more time, creativity and input into my photography business in many ways. Hope that you will follow me and maybe I can get to know you guys better as well. Last weekend I had to photography sessions. One that I hope will lead to a collaboration that includes design and interior which is something I love working with. I helped out Siljedahl design to take pictures during their christmas market in our village. Sofia who runs the business I just met the other week threw a friend and she is such a talented and inspiring designer and person. That is why I took this opportunity to get to know her and her business better and photograph her stuff. I include some pictures. The other photography session was at the company Creative Piano where my man works as a art-director. They had their first public event with an audience. They sell grand pianos and offer workshops and events for musical talents both old and young. During the afternoon we got to listen to this magic opera singer and the project leader Tomasz Strandells pianosolo which was amazing. How come i ever listens to classical music? It is truly a bliss for the heart and soul. Ok, have a great weekend here are some pictures from the sessions. A bit different to one another but hey that is the point! Lots of love Anna xxxx