Womens day. The day of equality.

Hello there gorgeous people! Today is a very important day. It is the International women’s day. It stands for equality of men and woman. But also I believe the equality between all species of the earth. Today I went to the forest. It is Sunday and one of the day me and my man can spend together without any interruptions. But even though it is march here it is bloody cold. So the walk in the forest became a short photography session with bare skin, and coffee in the forest cabin. Normally we walk for 2 hours but now we cut it short. What does these pictures have to do with the women´s day then? Simple but short: We all are the same, we are not more worthy then each other no matter color, living conditions, health condition, economical status or where we live in the world. In the forest everything lives in perfect harmony. We humans also belong to the nature. I also feel we are the nature and in there you can be completely free. Naked as we were born. We are it, it is us. And with this we are all equal and meant to live in harmony. All other things is just bullshit and a polluted minds business. So take care of each other and our home called the earth. We are love. a